Proper Placement of Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

When panic ensues in any life threatening emergency situation, usually it is a task for people to remain calm and make decisions rationally. As business owners, we must always strive to make things easier for our employees to handle such emerging. This is why it is important to safeguard fire fighting equipment, as well as other important belongings to ensure their safety and availability even in the event of a fire. With this in mind, we will be putting to light in this post the proper placement of fire extinguisher cabinets in the vicity for easy access of any responsible personnel in your business establishment.

There are many different types of these cabinets and these different types are suited to every fire extinguisher containment need out there. For instance, there is a single containment unit for small rooms. In the case of a fire, one cant take out the fire extinguisher and douse the flame. In this case, it is usually placed near a safety box where the most important documents / items are such as a Honeywell safe. There are double containment units for larger rooms – such as where manufacturing personnel. This is good especially if one has more than one type of fire extinguisher for the different classes of fires. A transportable unit is also available for vehicles that is especially ideal for cargo trucks and the like.

Fire extinguisher cabinets must be placed in areas where a fire could do the most damage. Their distinct appearance makes it very easy for anyone around to be aware of where they are. A good number of fire safety signs are available to point to these valuable containment units. A good number of times as stated, they are placed next to the fire and water resistant Honeywell safe to make sure any important items inside are safe while the fire is doused – since the safe only guarantees protection up to 30 minutes of direct exposure to the flames.

Most importantly, the personnel in your office should be well trained as to the operation of the fire extinguishers contained in the cabinets. This is achieved through a good fire safety training system usually offered by a local fire station conducted by a qualified fire marshal. By law, under the Fire Safety Order (FSO) 2005 we are actually all required to undergo such programs. Experts like them go into much more detail in placing your fire extinguisher cabinets in the right places by catering to your specific situation.

Whether you place your cabinets next to a highly sensitive electronic equipment or right next to the Honeywell safe that contains important data is up to you. Both are highly recommended places and while it looks like common sense it is always best to consult with the experts regarding this matter. When panic ensues, make sure that people can see, access and operate the extinguishers effectively through their proper placement and by using a high quality and long lasting containerment unit.

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