Emergency Hammer – Get Out Alive!

The Emergency Hammer becomes a real life saver in a car accident for the average driver. Auto safety has improved over the years increasing the survival rate of drivers and their passengers. As survival increases so has the need for the Life Hammer. This is because of all the new safety designs. These safety improvements have led to more victims becoming caught in their cars following an accident. Professional firefighters across the country witness victims becoming trapped in their cars by their seat belts and from the doors being jammed. Almost all frontal impacts lead to the battery damage leaving the electric door locks and windows inoperable.

With the doors jammed and windows and the door locks not working is where the hammer becomes a Life Saver. With the risk of fire, airbag dust choking you and your passengers, you need to be able to get out immediately. No longer a victim of your circumstances, the emergency hammer is the tool that can get you out now!

This tool will work even if you have rolled your vehicle and are hanging upside down. Even if your weight has loaded the seatbelt buckle, you can still quickly escape by using an Emergency Hammer with a Seat Belt Cutter. Stuck car seats with children could pose a real risk and hazard without a razor sharp seat belt cutter. When purchasing a Hammer, insist on one with a built-in Seat Belt Cutter.

Seat belts are only half the problem. Now we have to get through tempered glass. These tempered glass windows are designed not to break during car accidents for the safety of the occupants. Since they do not break easily you will need an Emergency Hammer with tempered steel tips to shatter those car windows. Little skill is needed, simply strike the window and you can escape.

This lifesaving tool will work in many rescue situations. If your vehicle went underwater, the Emergency Hammer would be instrumental in a quick escape. Remember these tips for submerged cars. Do Not Break the window until you are completely ready to swim to the surface, ie your seat belt is removed. After breaking the glass, wait until the cabin fills with water before attempting to escape. It is too difficult while rushing water is coming in.

Keeping the Emergency Hammer handy is best accomplished by staring near the driver in the front seat in the driver side door pocket or center console.

Source by Wayne Bennett

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