Emergency Hammer – Get Out Alive!

The Emergency Hammer becomes a real life saver in a car accident for the average driver. Auto safety has improved over the years increasing the survival rate of drivers and their passengers. As survival increases so has the need for the Life Hammer. This is because of all the new safety designs. These safety improvements…

Radio Interoperability Discussed By National Public Safety Telecommunications Council

As almost an aside to the conversations about 10-codes, politics and turf battles as they relate to interoperability, Harlin McEwen, vice chairman of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council, sounded an ominous note about the lack of radio interoperability among first responders from different agencies and locales. “You’ve got all these disparate systems – I…

Aftermarket Lighting For Your Car's Interior

A car’s interior illumination used to be an afterthought, with a single dome light (and maybe a couple of reading lights in the rear) making up a vehicle’s interior lights. Gradually, style became an important consideration, particularly in luxury cars. Car designers now use myriad illumination sources to create a distinct style, be it sporty…

Teamplay’s Centipede Millipede MIssile Command 3 in 1 Multigame Arcade Cabinet!

This was a multigame arcade cabinet that came on in the early 2000’s by “Teamplay”. It had Centipede, Millipede, and Missile Command , all licensed from “Midway Games West” at the time. This…source

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